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Board of Director

Mr Sonni Baboo Narayanan had previously formed Carrien Industrial Supply Sdn Bhd alongside 3 others and later functioned as a Director / Chairman for 12 years before establishing Jie Jin Hardware Engineering Sdn Bhd. Currently, he reflects upon sound business acumen and insight having been involved in the industry for more than 30 years, mostly in the management role. As the Managing Director of Jie Jin, he is responsible in overseeing the overall management of the company and chairs the Board meetings. In leading Jie Jin as its Managing Director, he continues in sustaining seamless operations and technical integrity in building on the growing performance of the company.

YU SUTE TING – Accounts & Administration
Now aged 51, Ms Yu Sute Ting started her career as an Accounts Administration and later developed her skills as an Account and Administration Manager at a local establishment. Having specialized in the area, she now administers and manages the finances and administration processes at Jie Jin.

YU KONG HAN – Quality Control & Daily Operations
Yu Kong Han gained most of his industrial experience as an invaluable employee at Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd (Singapore). At present, he is instrumental in the daily operations of Jie Jin whilst playing a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of its products.

YU KONG HING – Logistics
Yu Kong Hing brings together a vast range of industrial experiences in managing the flow of goods, information and resources. He plays a key in administering the supply chain of the company, namely the stock inventory, warehousing, materials handling and packaging.